The Weekend

sandals // leggings // similar shirt

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was super relaxed. We stayed home, cooked a lot, and even took naps yesterday. Yep, even our toddler. It was magic. Buuuut naps means we were up until like 1 am so it’s a Starbucks kind of day! Don’t laugh at my tiny little tall drink, my Starbucks addict friends. 😉

We made this guilt-free ice cream this weekend and also this not so guilt free but oh so delicious skillet cookie. They cancel each other out right?! Ha! The ice cream is actually dairy free, which is great for our lactose intolerant/sensitive friends and it’s guilt free so good for everyone too! Problem is, they were gone before I could get any good pictures. #oops


My sweet little girl has my heart. We are trying to grow out her bangs and do different things with her hair, definitely not my thing! I tried putting her little bangs in a hair tie like a cute fountain and totally failed! Haha! So we got these cute little bows at Target to clip her hair back and just hope that it grows fast! Need to work on my hair skills. Any suggestions?


She wanted to sit with me at lunch, which is no big deal – pretty normal here, but also let me play with her hair! ❤ That never happens, you guys. Never happens! I loved every second of it!

I read this article on spending less money on clothes and it’s perfect. I’d say #3 is my absolute favorite! It makes SO much sense!

Any highlights of your weekend?

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Weekend Fun


This weekend was so fun you guys! We checked on a family member’s horses and Lilly loved it. She pet them and told them so many stories. Of course, they always start with “Once upon a time, there was a baby and a mama and a daddy.” So cute! I showed her this Eastern Red Cedar tree (totally had to look that up!) and she kept saying, “Oh, is it blueberries? Can we eat them, Mama?” My sweet precious girl. Keep your wonder forever little girl. 🙂



On our way to check on horses, we drove over a river. We’ve driven by it a hundred times but have never seen it so green! So we decided to swing back by it yesterday. Such a nice day out! We enjoyed great car conversations, a nap for our toddler (hallelujah!), this lush green sight, and a bit of off-roading. Thankfully we didn’t get stuck! 😉

teaparty fun

And my absolute favorite thing this weekend was this! Lilly has been setting up tea parties in her room with a little tea set a friend is letting us borrow! It’s soooooo adorable! I can’t even! She sets everything up and says, “Want some tea Mama? I have a tea party.” Yes sweet girl! I will always come to your tea parties! My heart you guys. My heart. She gets all the cups, plates, silverware, and the teapot out and pours us tea. She gave Anthony a cup and poured him some tea. “Just for you Daddy,” was her response to his confused look. A girl after my own heart. All the tea.



How was your weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

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Mother Daughter Date


Happy Thursday! This week has been crazy busy. We’ve been meeting with people, hanging out, done piles of laundry, and a mountain of dishes. So I decided we needed a good ol’ fashioned mother daughter date day and it was so fun! Shopping, ice cream, and lots of giggles. 🙂



Funniest thing happened at Marshalls! We were in the dressing room and I had one thing left to try on. Lilly said, “I have to go potty!” AHHH! That’s like the worst situation to be in when your kiddo needs to go! Half naked and scrambling to get dressed! Haha! Of course 2 seconds later a waterfall of pee comes from my child and gets all over the cart and the floor. ALL OVER. After cleaning it up, I wrapped my cardigan around my butt naked child and tied it into a dress. Barefoot, makeshift dress, and one happy kiddo. I thought it was actually pretty cute. 😉 The old ladies in the store were dying laughing. I’m sure they’ve had their fair share of accidents and makeshift outfits from mothering young tots. 🙂

We bought a bag of veggie straws at Marshalls (because why not?) and ate them when we got home. My toddler and I ate a whole bag of veggie straws. A whole bag you guys. In one sitting. Whoops!


And then what summer day is complete without ice cream? So. Much. Ice cream. I thought, “I can get 2 scoops! I can do this!” Note to self: if you have to give yourself a pep talk to eat it, don’t. Right?! I shared a bunch with Lilly. I think we actually probably ate the same amount! Needless to say my run was a bit longer this morning and I’ll probably slip in a few more ab workouts.

Shopping and ice cream – probably going to be a tradition for our mother daughter dates. I hope so anyway! 🙂

What are your favorite parent child dates?

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Summer Clothes for Kids

It’s so crazy that we are almost halfway done with July! Where’d the time go?! Like, seriously? What happened? Even though it’s already July, there’s still plenty of summer left. Yep, still time to buy watermelon, run through sprinklers, hit up the pool, and chalk on every sidewalk within a mile of your house. Oh, that’s just me? 😉

And with plenty of summer left, there’s plenty of time to buy some kids’ summer clothes for this year and next if they’re on sale. Everyone likes a sale, right? Thanks so much Amazon Prime Day! 🙂 So here are some of my fave kiddo clothes. Cute, functional, comfy. Basically the 3 essentials to buying anything, right guys?


Girls: palm dress, overalls, floral stripe dress, vintage stripe romper, summer food tie topembroidered top, floral top

Boys:  orange shortsshark polopalm polo, surfboard tee, surf shirtgiraffe shirt

What are some of your favorite fun summer kids’ clothes?

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Mother’s Day Gifts

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Flowers are here, spring dresses are everywhere, summer is coming up, and so is Mother’s Day. Here are some practical ideas! And some pretty ones too! 😉


1. // World’s okayest mom mug

2. // Floral scarf

3. // Straw tote (on sale!)

4. // Pride & Prejudice book scarf (love this!)

5. // Gold calligraphy notebook

6. // Concrete cork planter

7. // Ring dish

8. // Patterned panama hat

9. // Yarn bowl

10. // Insulated wine glass (or a pint glass for beer drinkers)

11. // Pineapple corer/slicer/peeler (I need this!!!)

12. // Key & phone finder

13. // Amazon gift card

14. // Target gift card

15. // Bar necklace

16. // Mama Bird tee

17. // Family portrait drawing (so cute!)

18. // Layered necklaces

19. // Kate Spade lemon tumbler

I straight told my hubby to get me this for Mother’s Day. Haha! Gotta love the transparency and honesty in marriage, right you guys? 🙂

What are you getting for Mother’s Day? Any mamas out there getting themselves something? A nap maybe?

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14 Favorite Baby Books

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Everyone’s having babies you guys! Like everyone. I know a sweet lady who just had a little boy and 3 ladies who are pregnant right now. Actually 4 I think. Or maybe it’s 5. Anyway, ALL the babies! I love working in the nursery at church with the little babies. Even though it was not my favorite stage, it’s so sweet to look back at photos of little newborn Lilly who just wanted to sleep on my chest.

One thing I DID love about that baby stage though? Books. I loved reading to her and still do. We love Dr. Seuss books, but there are some others that we loved in our house or that our friends have that we love. Um…Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? for any of my 90’s kid peers?! Plus there’s a line of classic literature baby books that I’m totally swooning over. Swooning you guys. I don’t use that word very often so you know it’s serious. 🙂

baby books

1.) My Mother Gave Me The Moon // 2.) Little Owl’s Night // 3.) Counting Kisses // 4.) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? // 5.) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom // 6.) I Love You Through And Through // 7.) There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! // 8.) The Very Hungry Caterpillar // 9.) Anne of Green Gables // 10.)Pride & Prejudice // 11.) Sherlock Holmes in the Hound of the Baskervilles // 12.) Alice in Wonderland // 13.) Sense & Sensibility // 14.) Little Women

Books make the perfect bridal shower gift! Along with plenty of diapers, wipes, coffee, pacifiers, freezer meals, free babysitting, and free let-me-come-over-and-clean-your-house! 😉 But seriously.

What are your favorite baby books?

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The flowers are blooming, the sunshine warms up our bodies and calls us outside more and more, every plant is flourishing, and drinking up the spring rain. Although spring isn’t my favorite season, it is my second favorite. The cool air, warm sun, the flowers, the comforting spring rain. Just to sit with a hot cup of tea and watch the rain quench the flowers’ thirst, making them grow more and more. That might be one of my favorite things. Besides hot chocolate and pumpkins.

But I wasn’t thinking about that when I bought this planner in January. Definitely not. I wasn’t thinking about flowers blooming, sunshine warming the atmosphere, hot tea, or rain. In fact when I saw this planner, I thought, “Hmm…I’m not so sure that I’m into florals.” But that phrase. Oh, that phrase. It caught me off guard and my heart said, “Yep, this is the one.”

Now let me just say that I am a planner maniac. I used to carry a planner and like 3 separate notebooks for everything else – to do lists, grocery lists, reminders, etc. I once bought like a $25 planner that had sections for everything, literally everything you could imagine. So when I felt my heart screaming to buy this one, I was a bit confused. There’s nothing super special about this planner. It’s not one that comes with 15 different sections, one you can sketch in, one that has a removable bookmark that you can keep your daily to dos. It’s just a planner. Simple, basic, practical, gets the job done kind of planner.

But looking back now (I mean, it’s already April you guys!), I can see why I chose this planner. I now love florals which this planner jumpstarted for me. And every single morning when I see the cover of my planner, it reminds me to take a few moments and reflect. What kind of mom am I going to choose to be today? How can I glorify God today? What can I do to help my husband today?

And it has changed everything.

I’m happier as a mom, more thoughtful as a wife, more intentional in seeking Jesus, AND make me time.

All because of this simple little planner.

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