Another Direction


Hey readers!

First off, thanks for keeping up with my small blog. I know the blogging world is saturated and overflowing with people writing their thoughts, beliefs, lives, etc. I appreciate that you lovely people are taking the time to read my small tiny corner of the Internet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Secondly, I haven’t blogged in a while, huh? I apologize for my tardiness and absence on my little blog here. I have been busy filling my schedule with watching kiddos. And as much as I love kiddos, it has messed with our schedules over here at Kas & tea.

Our days have been all sorts of different. One day I watched kids at 8 – noon, 2 – 4, and then 6 – 9. The next? Watch kids from 1 – 3 and 5 – 8. And I’ve been putting our daughter down anywhere from 8 – 10:30 pm. 10:30 pm you guys! Not exactly a structured environment what I call great scheduling. It’s thrown us for a loop! So again, I apologize. Oh, and I think our daughter is dropping her nap, which makes me SO sad!!! No sweet girl, keep napping for mama! Maybe onto quiet time? 😉

Also, I’m taking my blog in a different direction. I enjoy lifestyle blogging to a certain extent, but I really enjoy snippets of flash fiction and short stories. I like to call it creative writing. I would say I’m definitely more passionate about it than lifestyle blogging. So I will still be doing lifestyle blogging, but I’m going to throw in some creative writing and get on a better schedule. I promise, better schedule, more predictable, not any oh she hasn’t blogged in 2 weeks stuff.

I hope you enjoy my new direction as much as I do! Thanks so much for reading my posts here at Kas & tea. I appreciate you!


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Friday Favorites

This week has been a LONG one for us you guys! My hubby and I haven’t spent time with each other basically all week. This is the last week of school for college students and next week is finals’ week so he’s had projects, tests, studying, presentations, etc. He works so hard for our family you guys! I seriously couldn’t have married a better guy! #lovehim Maybe a date sometime this weekend for us then. 😉


one // A friend of mine has chickens and gave me some of her farm fresh eggs in exchange for homemade bread. Definitely a win-win! I love cooking with farm fresh eggs! Look at that light blue one! So pretty. And Lilly loves her chickens! Every time we go over she gets so excited. “The chickens. Hey chickens! *blows kiss* I kiss the chickens.” It’s adorable!


two // I read this article on how to wear an oversized sweater without looking oversized. Great piece! I know that’s something I struggle with so it was helpful to read her how to article. Plus that red hair! It’s downright gorgeous!

three // OMGoodness! So everyone knows what selfies are, right? But belfies? Oh my gosh you guys! Butt selfies are becoming a thing. Who would have ever thought?! I couldn’t help but laugh while reading the article and thinking, “You can’t be serious!”


four // Today is National Hoagie Day!!! I love sandwiches you guys! Some people love soup, others love salads, some people like pasta. (Though I do love salads too!) Sandwiches are a fave of mine. One of my favorite places to eat (besides Panera of course) is McAlister’s. It makes for a cheap date too. 😉 And even though it’s not exactly a hoagie, I’ll take any excuse to get get a sandwich. And then, of course, there’s my toddler eating pizza in the background. Haha!


five // Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, but I was doing some spring cleaning. I went through all of our closets and purged a bunch of stuff. That is one of my favorite things to do. Find stuff that we don’t use and get rid of it! Lilly is outgrowing her 2T clothes so I went through those (I didn’t cry this time!), I had some clothes I never or rarely wear, and I got a few sewing projects done yesterday too. I finally sewed up my husbands jeans and sewed a button back on his shorts. FINALLY. I think they’ve been sitting on my sewing desk for like a month. Lol. #slacker

What are some of your favorites from the week?

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Mother’s Day Gifts

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Flowers are here, spring dresses are everywhere, summer is coming up, and so is Mother’s Day. Here are some practical ideas! And some pretty ones too! 😉


1. // World’s okayest mom mug

2. // Floral scarf

3. // Straw tote (on sale!)

4. // Pride & Prejudice book scarf (love this!)

5. // Gold calligraphy notebook

6. // Concrete cork planter

7. // Ring dish

8. // Patterned panama hat

9. // Yarn bowl

10. // Insulated wine glass (or a pint glass for beer drinkers)

11. // Pineapple corer/slicer/peeler (I need this!!!)

12. // Key & phone finder

13. // Amazon gift card

14. // Target gift card

15. // Bar necklace

16. // Mama Bird tee

17. // Family portrait drawing (so cute!)

18. // Layered necklaces

19. // Kate Spade lemon tumbler

I straight told my hubby to get me this for Mother’s Day. Haha! Gotta love the transparency and honesty in marriage, right you guys? 🙂

What are you getting for Mother’s Day? Any mamas out there getting themselves something? A nap maybe?

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The Weekend!

Happy Monday!

This weekend we visited some family friends of my parents. Such good people! Her husband is in the hospital and cannot speak but responds with body movement. I really enjoyed our visit with them. Such a strong woman in the Lord! It was encouraging to hear her reliance and trust in Him. Her attitude and hope is simply amazing. So much faith! It made me think of my own marriage and the “in sickness and in health” vow we have made to each other. So much unconditional love that could not be with the grace of God. Seriously, #goals.


It has been so rainy here lately, which means so much splashing outside. 😉 The sound of rain against our windows is one of my favorite things about the spring. Sometimes we open our balcony door and the sound is amplified. I think we might even try to go mushroom hunting sometime. When I was a kid, we used to go out with my parents and pick morel mushrooms. The best time to go is after a lot of rain. While most wild mushrooms are poisonous, morel mushrooms are not and are very delicious when breaded and fried.


And the rain means we make yummy food like this coconut oil fudge. So delicious! And it’s actually healthy – the best part! I love chocolate. Sometimes I can get away with eating kettle corn when I’m having a chocolate craving, but nothing else satisfies it other than chocolate. Will definitely be making that fudge recipe again. And again. And maybe again. 🙂

Sunday night means women’s group which I love! We’re doing a Beth Moore study (gotta love Beth!) and we talked about friendships. So good! Some issues she hit on: are we labeling our friendships properly (friends VS acquaintances)? What is a friend? What does sharing your heart look like? Definitely spoke to me.

How was your weekend?

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Fitness Routine

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Do you even lift bro? Haha! I used to run 2 – 6 miles a day, do 300 reps of abs (no joke!), and do 30+ man push ups in 2 minutes before I got pregnant with Lilly. My fitness fell off the map and hasn’t come back on. Until now.

I decided to jump back on the workout bandwagon and create a fitness routine that works for me. It needed to be realistic and manageable. I can’t go from a couch potato to a marathon runner in a week or workout at a gym for 4 hours every day. Neither of those would work.

So I’ve been doing this full body workout everyday that I think is great for beginner’s. It’s not too hard, is only 30 minutes, and really gets your body moving (and muscles burning!). But be warned – you will definitely feel it the next day!

I’ve also started running on Tuesdays and Thursdays with our jogging stroller. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It hasn’t got much use yet, but I will definitely post a review on it once I have more miles on it and let you guys know if it’s worth the buy. But so far it’s good and reviews on it are awesome. I even put it together myself. Yep, me. Not the husband – me. Super proud about it! 😉

And the biggest thing for me is keeping track of how much water I’ve been drinking. Yikes! I’m so bad at that sometimes you guys. But my water bottle is very helpful! It has a ring on it that helps you keep track. So good for me! It even comes in a bunch of different colors so everyone can have their own. I personally have the pink one but I kind of like the green one too.

What’s your workout/fitness routine look like?

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The flowers are blooming, the sunshine warms up our bodies and calls us outside more and more, every plant is flourishing, and drinking up the spring rain. Although spring isn’t my favorite season, it is my second favorite. The cool air, warm sun, the flowers, the comforting spring rain. Just to sit with a hot cup of tea and watch the rain quench the flowers’ thirst, making them grow more and more. That might be one of my favorite things. Besides hot chocolate and pumpkins.

But I wasn’t thinking about that when I bought this planner in January. Definitely not. I wasn’t thinking about flowers blooming, sunshine warming the atmosphere, hot tea, or rain. In fact when I saw this planner, I thought, “Hmm…I’m not so sure that I’m into florals.” But that phrase. Oh, that phrase. It caught me off guard and my heart said, “Yep, this is the one.”

Now let me just say that I am a planner maniac. I used to carry a planner and like 3 separate notebooks for everything else – to do lists, grocery lists, reminders, etc. I once bought like a $25 planner that had sections for everything, literally everything you could imagine. So when I felt my heart screaming to buy this one, I was a bit confused. There’s nothing super special about this planner. It’s not one that comes with 15 different sections, one you can sketch in, one that has a removable bookmark that you can keep your daily to dos. It’s just a planner. Simple, basic, practical, gets the job done kind of planner.

But looking back now (I mean, it’s already April you guys!), I can see why I chose this planner. I now love florals which this planner jumpstarted for me. And every single morning when I see the cover of my planner, it reminds me to take a few moments and reflect. What kind of mom am I going to choose to be today? How can I glorify God today? What can I do to help my husband today?

And it has changed everything.

I’m happier as a mom, more thoughtful as a wife, more intentional in seeking Jesus, AND make me time.

All because of this simple little planner.

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Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday! This week was kind of blah. It’s been raining and raining and RAINING so much. We’ve splashed in the rain a bit which was so fun but my phone ran out of storage so I didn’t get photos! Ugh! Thankfully I cleared it last night so I’ll ready to snap photos with my phone. 🙂


one // NO SPOILERS – We have been watching a lot of movies lately. My hubby and I recently watched 10 Cloverfield Lane. Oh. My. Gosh. Psychological thriller, what is going on, wait what is that kind of movie. SO good! I loved it! The characters are so relatable, which is something I love especially in female characters. And then we watched Beauty and the Beast you guys!!! YAS!!! I was so excited! Like I literally couldn’t handle myself. Laughter, tears, anxiety, anger, disgust. So many emotions! Perfect performance by the cast! Also Emma Watson. Need I say more? And then after that, we watched Moana and it was so cute! I keep humming the songs when I do dishes!

similar blanket

two // Watching this girl nap never gets old. Her gorgeous, hand-crocheted blanket, a pillow that she totally stole from us (and helps her sleep because it smells like us), and of course she has to have her friends with her. It’s just precious and sweet and oh my gosh baby girl stay little for a little longer please!


three // Okay, so I’ve recently changed my dish-washing habit. Game changer you guys. I used to wash dishes after I put Lilly down. It took me forever, the dishwasher and dish mat would be full and there’d STILL be dishes in the sink (super discouraging!), and I wouldn’t get much time with my hubby. So late last week I decided to do dishes after meals and it’s been awesome. Less time washing dishes at night means more time with the hubby. Um yes please!

four // I’m due for some new mascara and super excited! I’m debating on between this one and this one. What do you think? They also have blue and purple toned ones, which I think are pretty fun but not for me.

What are your weekend plans?

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