Prime Day Picks 2017

Hooray hooray! It’s Prime Day! I don’t know about you but we love, love, LOVE Amazon Prime! Like please never ever go away Amazon Prime. PLEASE! We use it so often and it’s great when we run out of something that we need in a jiffy. We just Amazon Prime it. Yes, I just used that as a verb. 😉

Here are some of the tops deals that everyone seems to love. What do you think?


The Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot  have AWESOME reviews! It’s like a personal assistant to help you with whatever you need. Whatever. You. Need. Check weather, play music, cook recipes, call people, order takeout, make plans, etc. Some of our friends have the Echo and they LOVE it! Such a nifty, helpful gadget to have!

The Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is perfect for die-hard readers out there and the All-New Fire 7 Tablet is built for entertainment. Plus with Prime, you have unlimited reading on any device. UNLIMITED. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to only take one or 2 books during travel due to space only to finish them and be stuck bored in an airport. No fun! And no need to worry about lost bookmarks either!

The Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet has great reviews! People rave over it’s kid friendliness and simplicity. They can learn, play, discover, and have fun practically anywhere with this tablet. Plus it has a 2 year warranty because we all know kids can be, well, kids. 😉

And of course, I have my eye on a few things for me as well. Everyone deserves to get themselves something special every once in a while, right?


I have my eye on this cute floral dress that comes in a few colors. Isn’t it cute?! And it’s a Prime Day Deal. Yep, getting it! I’ve been looking for some booties that are good quality, comfy, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. So glad I found them! And those sandals! I’ve been looking for a comfy, black pair that I also liked. I can be a bit picky. 😉  I’ve read great things about this book so I want to read it pretty soon. Plus the title is so funny!  Everyone needs a good stainless steel water bottle, including me. In pink. Because I’m a girl. I know the mini wallet and purse match. I wasn’t planning it but they’re just so cute! I’ve never had Fossil stuff before and I want to give it a try. One of my bffs still has her Fossil wallet from like 10 years ago. 10 years. So I’m pretty Excited!

What are your Prime Day Picks?

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Friday Favorites

This week has been a LONG one for us you guys! My hubby and I haven’t spent time with each other basically all week. This is the last week of school for college students and next week is finals’ week so he’s had projects, tests, studying, presentations, etc. He works so hard for our family you guys! I seriously couldn’t have married a better guy! #lovehim Maybe a date sometime this weekend for us then. 😉


one // A friend of mine has chickens and gave me some of her farm fresh eggs in exchange for homemade bread. Definitely a win-win! I love cooking with farm fresh eggs! Look at that light blue one! So pretty. And Lilly loves her chickens! Every time we go over she gets so excited. “The chickens. Hey chickens! *blows kiss* I kiss the chickens.” It’s adorable!


two // I read this article on how to wear an oversized sweater without looking oversized. Great piece! I know that’s something I struggle with so it was helpful to read her how to article. Plus that red hair! It’s downright gorgeous!

three // OMGoodness! So everyone knows what selfies are, right? But belfies? Oh my gosh you guys! Butt selfies are becoming a thing. Who would have ever thought?! I couldn’t help but laugh while reading the article and thinking, “You can’t be serious!”


four // Today is National Hoagie Day!!! I love sandwiches you guys! Some people love soup, others love salads, some people like pasta. (Though I do love salads too!) Sandwiches are a fave of mine. One of my favorite places to eat (besides Panera of course) is McAlister’s. It makes for a cheap date too. 😉 And even though it’s not exactly a hoagie, I’ll take any excuse to get a sandwich. And then, of course, there’s my toddler eating pizza in the background. Haha!


five // Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, but I was doing some spring cleaning. I went through all of our closets and purged a bunch of stuff. That is one of my favorite things to do. Find stuff that we don’t use and get rid of it! Lilly is outgrowing her 2T clothes so I went through those (I didn’t cry this time!), I had some clothes I never or rarely wear, and I got a few sewing projects done yesterday too. I finally sewed up my husbands jeans and sewed a button back on his shorts. FINALLY. I think they’ve been sitting on my sewing desk for like a month. Lol. #slacker

What are some of your favorites from the week?

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April Showers

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Hooray! It’s May! April showers bring May flowers! We had so much rain the last week of April, which means the flowers are thriving. I love these small white flowers. There’s a whole wall of them nearby our house! Kind of dreamy, don’t you think?


flower wall

Rainy days and flowers remind me of Becoming JanePride & Prejudice, and The Sound of Music, three great movies that I love. Did anyone else grow up watching Julie Andrews sing and raise 7 kids? Okay, so I know that they’re easily available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. for streaming but I like having the DVDs because internet doesn’t always work. WHAT?! I know, almost impossible, but it DOES happen. Haha! And what do we do when it’s cold, rainy, and the internet is down? (Or just cold and rainy really.) Movies, popcorn, bake. You know, the usual. Oh, also make potato soup for dinner and drink tea all day.


But before we do movies, tea, and soup, we usually go splash outside. And you can’t splash outside with rain boots. I mean, you can buuuuuut it makes for wet socks, cold feet, and dirty pants. 😉 So I got these short rainboots (size down if you’re an in between size) and love them. They have so many different colors, styles, heights, etc. for everyone. Roma is such a cool company. They’re a buy one give one company – you buy one and they give one to one to a child in need. YES! I wish every company was a buy one give one. It’s one of my favorite things that companies do.


And this awesome saying inside the boot? Awesome. Giving poverty the boot. It gave me a few chuckles. 🙂



And of course Lilly has some cute little rainboots of her own. She loves splashing in puddles outside! It’s pretty funny because we just go to the streets near our house and splash in puddles. Just making memories with my toddler – don’t mind us jumping in the street! 😉 She smiles so big, giggles, and says, “I splash in puddles Mama!” That little excited voice. That girl has my heart.

What do you do on rainy days?

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The Weekend!

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Hey guys! First off, I got my hair cut! One of my friends just opened up her own in-home salon and so I decided to take the plunge and get bangs. I mean, like everyone had bangs when they were 5, right? You know, the straight across toddler bangs. 😉 But other than that, I’ve never had bangs. NEVER. But I love them and just yes! Okay, so I actually got these done on Tuesday night but we were so busy last week. Whew! This week will be much better you guys.

similar ring // jeans // similar cardigan

So my sweet, thoughtful husband got me this adorable ring from Etsy of course. He knows how much I love Etsy! I have this one on my Etsy list as well. Aren’t they so sweet?! They’re small but also pretty, which I absolutely love, love, and LOVE some more! Oh! Dangerous fun fact – you can make boards on Etsy and save products to those boards. You’re welcome! 😉


And I tried these two amazing things this weekend from Indigo Wildtoner and facial serum. OMGoodness! I used it for the first time on Saturday night and I woke up to smoother, softer skin. I decided to not even wear BB cream or concealer to church on Sunday! That’s right – no primer, no foundation, just bare faced. So smooth!

No pics for this one, but I went to a women’s self defense course on Friday night! I’ve never done any self defense in my life, but it was so fun. I’m so glad one of my friends told me about it and RSVP’d for me. Seriously. That’s what good friends are for – make sure all your girlfriends can protect themselves!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

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Fitness Routine

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Do you even lift bro? Haha! I used to run 2 – 6 miles a day, do 300 reps of abs (no joke!), and do 30+ man push ups in 2 minutes before I got pregnant with Lilly. My fitness fell off the map and hasn’t come back on. Until now.

I decided to jump back on the workout bandwagon and create a fitness routine that works for me. It needed to be realistic and manageable. I can’t go from a couch potato to a marathon runner in a week or workout at a gym for 4 hours every day. Neither of those would work.

So I’ve been doing this full body workout everyday that I think is great for beginner’s. It’s not too hard, is only 30 minutes, and really gets your body moving (and muscles burning!). But be warned – you will definitely feel it the next day!

I’ve also started running on Tuesdays and Thursdays with our jogging stroller. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It hasn’t got much use yet, but I will definitely post a review on it once I have more miles on it and let you guys know if it’s worth the buy. But so far it’s good and reviews on it are awesome. I even put it together myself. Yep, me. Not the husband – me. Super proud about it! 😉

And the biggest thing for me is keeping track of how much water I’ve been drinking. Yikes! I’m so bad at that sometimes you guys. But my water bottle is very helpful! It has a ring on it that helps you keep track. So good for me! It even comes in a bunch of different colors so everyone can have their own. I personally have the pink one but I kind of like the green one too.

What’s your workout/fitness routine look like?

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Fun Spring Dresses

Spring is here and NOW is the time to buy spring dresses you guys! Almost everywhere has spring dresses on sale. And not like 10% sale. We’re talking like 30% – 70% off! I’ve seen some dresses that are originally $100+ that are now $30 – $40. That is some CRAZY savings my friends! Here are some of my picks!


Painted stripe dress // $90

Olive utility dress // $105

Flowy pink dress // $77

Floral maxi wrap dress // $27

Dolman maxi dress // $40

Green floral slit dress // $25

Dip dyed shirt dress // $77

French stripe wrap dress // $150

Floral ruffle maxi dress // $27

Short floral dress // $49

My personal favorite is the floral ruffle maxi dress but I also like the flowy pink dress. What’s your favorite?

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If we were having coffee…


If we were having coffee…

one // This classic cookie recipe is one of my favorites. They’re sooooo good! And you can also make it into bars. I’ve never made them into bars but I bet they’re just as good as the cookies. And less messy, way faster, and easier! Also less dishes. What do you think – cookies or bars?

two // I’m super excited to try this natural skincare line. The reviews are AMAZING and I’m really hoping it works for me! I don’t have terrible skin but I do have big pores (Thanks Dad.) and would love to have smoother skin. Me and every other woman, right? Ha!

three // I made this cucumber salad this weekend. Twice. Yep, so good that I made it two times. Easy, delicious, and it has feta cheese! I love feta you guys. So creamy and yummy and just plain good! AND I think it’s a salad that my family will actually eat. Yes, even my toddler!!! Well maybe not the feta but yes to everything else in it. 😉

four // Speaking of food, I need to make this awesome slow cooker recipe again. The sauce is mouth-watering and I think it would be good in any stir fry dish. And HELLO! It’s a slow cooker recipe and all slow cooker recipes are welcome in our house. Less dishes, less time in the kitchen, more time with family. Um yes! Yes please!

five // These DIY mugs are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I really want to make some! I might give it a go this weekend. What color would you choose? I’m thinking about a purple and a green.

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