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I’m Kassi, a 24 year old who lives in Kansas. I like cottage cheese and black olives together, love hot tea, enjoy a good dose of sarcasm, need Jesus, and welcome good vibes. Also, chocolate is basically it’s own food category. Just sayin’. My heart yearns to guide less fortunate kiddos and families to Christ. I majored in elementary education (still working on it actually) and enjoy making homemade meals for my family. Also pizza from a local pizza joint. I’m hitched to my amazing, hard-working husband, Anthony, who enjoys board games, meaningful work, good beer, and binge watching Hulu.


We welcomed our sweet, silly, beautiful little girl, Lilly, into our family on 10/15/14 and are so excited to welcome more, whether through adoption or pregnancy. We are winging this parenting thing with some help from our pediatrician, God, and of course Google. Because who doesn’t consult Google about a crying child at 3 am? But we love it – it’s fun, crazy, and exciting!


Want to work with me, have any questions, or simply want to connect? Feel free to email me at info@kasandtea.com anytime. Like literally 2 AM. I might even be awake. 😉