Organic Skincare


It’s the last week in August you guys! The last one! Time flies, yeah? I’m so excited for fall and everything pumpkin. Everything pumpkin. Oh, and all the squash soups. Anyway, I want to talk about this organic, natural, crunchy journey that a lot of people are taking. Personally, I’ve been on one for over a year. I started at the beginning of last summer with hair and skincare that bled over into makeup as well. It has been crazy! And with any sort of crazy and long journey comes some confessions. Don’t worry – nothing too juicy! 😉 So there’s no need to bust out “These are my confessions.” for any old school Usher fans.

  1. I once didn’t wash my hair for 2 weeks. Definitely the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done.
  2. I have checked the EWG Skin Deep website for all the ingredients on all my hygiene/makeup products and have learned so much.
  3. I tried the ACV conditioner and homemade shampoo thing, which my hair did not like.
  4. I used a natural toner that left my skin feeling amazing.
  5. I used a natural acne spot treatment that gave me acne scars. Yep, you read that right – gave me acne scars.
  6. I found a natural mascara that I freaking LOVE, and it smells like chocolate.
  7. I made my own rosewater, which was really fun, smelled amazing, and looked so pretty!
  8. I have made my own acne spot treatment, which actually worked pretty.
  9. I found a clay mask that I love and need to do WAY more often.
  10. I convinced my hubby to get on the organic/natural train with me and he found a body wash and shampoo in one that he loves.
  11. I discovered a few natural makeup companies that I love. See chocolate mascara.

Alright, confessions done. Some are great, some are not so great. I’ve also used products that I’ve loved and some that I threw out after using once. I’ve done everything from organic to all natural to mostly natural products. I have loved the non-chemical ingredients and discovered that some “non-chemical” ingredients are liars.

After all is said and done, I’ve done this beauty-type treatment and care for a year. There have been ups and down, some weird sideways turns, and a few amens! So I’ve officially decided that the beloved organic, natural, crunchy skincare thing is awesome, but not for me. We have made the switch to a bunch of other natural and more gentle things in our house, but skincare (at least for me) will not be one of them.

Have you tried organic or natural skincare products?

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