The Weekend

sandals // leggings // similar shirt

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was super relaxed. We stayed home, cooked a lot, and even took naps yesterday. Yep, even our toddler. It was magic. Buuuut naps means we were up until like 1 am so it’s a Starbucks kind of day! Don’t laugh at my tiny little tall drink, my Starbucks addict friends. 😉

We made this guilt-free ice cream this weekend and also this not so guilt free but oh so delicious skillet cookie. They cancel each other out right?! Ha! The ice cream is actually dairy free, which is great for our lactose intolerant/sensitive friends and it’s guilt free so good for everyone too! Problem is, they were gone before I could get any good pictures. #oops


My sweet little girl has my heart. We are trying to grow out her bangs and do different things with her hair, definitely not my thing! I tried putting her little bangs in a hair tie like a cute fountain and totally failed! Haha! So we got these cute little bows at Target to clip her hair back and just hope that it grows fast! Need to work on my hair skills. Any suggestions?


She wanted to sit with me at lunch, which is no big deal – pretty normal here, but also let me play with her hair! ❤ That never happens, you guys. Never happens! I loved every second of it!

I read this article on spending less money on clothes and it’s perfect. I’d say #3 is my absolute favorite! It makes SO much sense!

Any highlights of your weekend?

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