Date Night!


Anthony and I decided to go on a walk for our date night last night. Yes, we have Tuesday night date nights! How old and lame are we? Haha! But seriously, the sights were great and the conversation was even better. Plus Tuesdays are great because no one else is out so if we want to go out to eat or get ice cream or whatever, there aren’t any lines or waiting lists. It can also make for a more intimate setting. And date nights have been so good for our marriage. So good you guys. Sometimes the best dates cost the least, you know what I mean?




And we also went to a shaved ice stand that we had never been to before but oh my goodness. We didn’t realize how BIG it was going to be! Like they basically gave us double to size of the cup. I mean look at it!!! Instant regret. So much sugar!

Do you have date nights? What are your favorite date nights? Mine are usually in the fall. Stay tuned for those. πŸ˜‰

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