Weekend Fun


This weekend was so fun you guys! We checked on a family member’s horses and Lilly loved it. She pet them and told them so many stories. Of course, they always start with “Once upon a time, there was a baby and a mama and a daddy.” So cute! I showed her this Eastern Red Cedar tree (totally had to look that up!) and she kept saying, “Oh, is it blueberries? Can we eat them, Mama?” My sweet precious girl. Keep your wonder forever little girl. 🙂



On our way to check on horses, we drove over a river. We’ve driven by it a hundred times but have never seen it so green! So we decided to swing back by it yesterday. Such a nice day out! We enjoyed great car conversations, a nap for our toddler (hallelujah!), this lush green sight, and a bit of off-roading. Thankfully we didn’t get stuck! 😉

teaparty fun

And my absolute favorite thing this weekend was this! Lilly has been setting up tea parties in her room with a little tea set a friend is letting us borrow! It’s soooooo adorable! I can’t even! She sets everything up and says, “Want some tea Mama? I have a tea party.” Yes sweet girl! I will always come to your tea parties! My heart you guys. My heart. She gets all the cups, plates, silverware, and the teapot out and pours us tea. She gave Anthony a cup and poured him some tea. “Just for you Daddy,” was her response to his confused look. A girl after my own heart. All the tea.



How was your weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

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