To all the mamas

for all the mamas

Who else has had a fun week?! Keeping children alive and unhurt from fireworks. Anyone else? 😉 We had a long, restful weekend. Anthony had Monday off so it was a 4 day weekend for us. We had 4th of July festive donuts! 🙂 But now it’s back to the daily grind. You know, where the weekend doesn’t last 4 days. Ha!

And for us mamas, I guess that daily grind doesn’t really ever stop. There’s always something that needs to be done, children who need to be fed, the house that needs to be cleaned, and the family who needs love. I once read somewhere that a wife/mama is the heart of the home. And oh man! Isn’t that just so true?! So to all the mamas out there handling the endless breastfeeding/bottle sessions. The endless being needed. The sleep deprivation! The constant supervision. The guilt of being away from your child. The selflessness. The can I just get a break?! The single mama struggling. The multiple children close together (two sets of twins, true story). The sweatpants is all I own and what’s makeup? The stay at home mama questioning her purpose. The working mama questioning her priorities. The homeless mama skipping meals to feed the littles. The expecting mama – nervous, anxious, scared. The mama who has lost a child. The I was almost a mama. The mama with kids that are always sick. The what’s a shower? The spitup upon spitup. The running out of coffee. The tantrum at the pool where your toddler makes you accidentally flash some things. The poop and pee on the wall, fridge, carpet, etc. The blowout diaper in the middle of a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. The endless laundry, dishes, messes, etc. The keeping your child alive when they want to do something dangerous.

And the love. Oh, the forever love.

This mama thing is hard. The hardest thing you’ll ever do besides being married. Maybe even harder than marriage? What do ya think? But I just want you, yes you, to know something. Something that every mama needs to be reminded of: you’re a good mama. 🙂 Simple, right? Sometimes you just need to hear that you’re doing A-OK at this mama thing. I know I do.

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