April Showers

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Hooray! It’s May! April showers bring May flowers! We had so much rain the last week of April, which means the flowers are thriving. I love these small white flowers. There’s a whole wall of them nearby our house! Kind of dreamy, don’t you think?


flower wall

Rainy days and flowers remind me of Becoming JanePride & Prejudice, and The Sound of Music, three great movies that I love. Did anyone else grow up watching Julie Andrews sing and raise 7 kids? Okay, so I know that they’re easily available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. for streaming but I like having the DVDs because internet doesn’t always work. WHAT?! I know, almost impossible, but it DOES happen. Haha! And what do we do when it’s cold, rainy, and the internet is down? (Or just cold and rainy really.) Movies, popcorn, bake. You know, the usual. Oh, also make potato soup for dinner and drink tea all day.


But before we do movies, tea, and soup, we usually go splash outside. And you can’t splash outside with rain boots. I mean, you can buuuuuut it makes for wet socks, cold feet, and dirty pants. 😉 So I got these short rainboots (size down if you’re an in between size) and love them. They have so many different colors, styles, heights, etc. for everyone. Roma is such a cool company. They’re a buy one give one company – you buy one and they give one to one to a child in need. YES! I wish every company was a buy one give one. It’s one of my favorite things that companies do.


And this awesome saying inside the boot? Awesome. Giving poverty the boot. It gave me a few chuckles. 🙂



And of course Lilly has some cute little rainboots of her own. She loves splashing in puddles outside! It’s pretty funny because we just go to the streets near our house and splash in puddles. Just making memories with my toddler – don’t mind us jumping in the street! 😉 She smiles so big, giggles, and says, “I splash in puddles Mama!” That little excited voice. That girl has my heart.

What do you do on rainy days?

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