The Weekend!

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Hey guys! First off, I got my hair cut! One of my friends just opened up her own in-home salon and so I decided to take the plunge and get bangs. I mean, like everyone had bangs when they were 5, right? You know, the straight across toddler bangs. 😉 But other than that, I’ve never had bangs. NEVER. But I love them and just yes! Okay, so I actually got these done on Tuesday night but we were so busy last week. Whew! This week will be much better you guys.

similar ring // jeans // similar cardigan

So my sweet, thoughtful husband got me this adorable ring from Etsy of course. He knows how much I love Etsy! I have this one on my Etsy list as well. Aren’t they so sweet?! They’re small but also pretty, which I absolutely love, love, and LOVE some more! Oh! Dangerous fun fact – you can make boards on Etsy and save products to those boards. You’re welcome! 😉


And I tried these two amazing things this weekend from Indigo Wildtoner and facial serum. OMGoodness! I used it for the first time on Saturday night and I woke up to smoother, softer skin. I decided to not even wear BB cream or concealer to church on Sunday! That’s right – no primer, no foundation, just bare faced. So smooth!

No pics for this one, but I went to a women’s self defense course on Friday night! I’ve never done any self defense in my life, but it was so fun. I’m so glad one of my friends told me about it and RSVP’d for me. Seriously. That’s what good friends are for – make sure all your girlfriends can protect themselves!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

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