Fun Spring Dresses

Spring is here and NOW is the time to buy spring dresses you guys! Almost everywhere has spring dresses on sale. And not like 10% sale. We’re talking like 30% – 70% off! I’ve seen some dresses that are originally $100+ that are now $30 – $40. That is some CRAZY savings my friends! Here are some of my picks!


Painted stripe dress // $90

Olive utility dress // $105

Flowy pink dress // $77

Floral maxi wrap dress // $27

Dolman maxi dress // $40

Green floral slit dress // $25

Dip dyed shirt dress // $77

French stripe wrap dress // $150

Floral ruffle maxi dress // $27

Short floral dress // $49

My personal favorite is the floral ruffle maxi dress but I also like the flowy pink dress. What’s your favorite?

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