Favorite Baby Names


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in painful childbirth with no sleep to follow for at least 3 years. Wait. What? That’s not how the song goes? 😉

But while childbirth IS painful and having no sleep sucks (let’s pause to praise God for coffee and tea…alright, moving along), you’ll find yourself sometimes losing more sleep just staring at your tiny newborn. You might cry during this one-sided starting contest. I usually did. Little eyes, faint eyebrows, tiny nose, itty bitty mouth, delicate fingers. Those little features that were grown inside of a human body. It’s amazing.

Little babies are just so precious, which means picking out a name can be stressful and extremely overwhelming. They’re going to have that name the rest of their lives! No pressure or anything but don’t screw it up, parents.

We spent MONTHS going through names, searching Google like crazies. I think we went through the first 6 pages on Google looking for girl names. No joke. It was intense. I love these names. My husband…well not so much. But who needs husbands anyway? (Just kidding babe. I love you. And I literally need you to make babies because, ya know, I can’t do it by myself. Haha!)


1.) Nessa – It’s a shortened version of Vanessa and I love it. I found it here and thought it sounded so sweet rolling off the tongue. Nessa.

2.) Nora – I know a sweet little girl who was born not too long ago named Nora and it’s such a pretty name. Sort of like a modern version of the old-fashioned name Eleanor. I found it here.

3.) Olivia – I’ve basically loved this name since I was a middle schooler watching Law & Order: SVU. Mariska Hargitay is amazing!

4.) Elizabeth – Um…Pride & Prejudice anyone?! I read the book long before watching any of the movies. Loved it!

5.) Anya/Auna – I’ve always loved this name and never knew why. Until I was babysitting some kiddos one day and rewatched Anastasia. Oh, that’s why. 😉

6.) Grace – Simple, elegant, and pretty. This was on our list for girl names when we were pregnant with Lilly. We might see this one again if we get pregnant in the future.

7.) Harper – At first, I didn’t like this one. I was just kind of meh about it. But I must say that it’s grown on me.

8.) Amara – I met a girl that I worked with one summer named Amara. Such a pretty name so I stowed it away for possible future use!

9.) Iris – Pretty just like the flower and would be so cute to call a daughter named Iris “my flower” as a name of endearment.

10.) Penelope – Whimsical, pretty, old-fashioned, and perfect! I hope this one becomes more popular.


1.) William – I’ve got a thing for strong boys’ names. And this one I love. Simple, old-fashioned, but still relevant.

2.) Cole – Oh! And this one but my brother-in-law’s name is Cole soooo that might get a little weird, yeah?

3.) Bruce – It has nothing to do with Finding Nemo or Superman. I promise. Just a strong boy’s name that I absolutely love. And, best part, it’s husband approved! 🙂

4.) Quinn – I’ll admit: when I saw it here, this was another meh one for me. But the more I started to say it, the more it grew on me, and the more I liked it. So it made it to the list.

5.) Colm – I had never heard this name before until I saw it here and I was automatically like yep. I like it a lot. Not so much love. But definitely a strong like.

6.) Oliver – Very similar to Olivia. Basically just the boy version, right? Also Oliver and Company with Oliver the cat.

7.) Darcy – Yep, another Pride & Prejudice steal. “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” My heart.

8.) Emerson – This would never be husband approved but I’m so in love with this name!

9.) Micah – Not really biblically related at all even though he was a minor prophet. I really just like the name.

10.) Asher – I love this name! It’s basically like the boy version of Ashley, am I right?

What are your favorite baby names? Have you tried this name generator? It’s hilarious!

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