Things Kids Say


Has your kid said anything funny? If you’re a parent to young kiddos, I’m sure that they have! The phrase “kids say funny things” definitely applies to toddlers and young children. I bet that’s where the phrase was coined. Though I really have no idea.

Here are a few funny things that Lilly has said that crack us up.

Lilly was “reading” one of my books. In the back were a few other books the author has written. There was one that had a rock on the cover. My toddler’s response? “It’s a rock. Maybe it’s poop.”

Something that Lilly has been doing is going up to people and poking their butts while proclaiming, “It’s poooooooop!”

“Momma tampon. Daddy need a tampon.” Oh my gosh! This one was just the best!

Have your kiddos said anything funny recently?

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