Late Nights


Late nights as a mama. They can be tough, right mamas? Babies screaming, toddlers refusing to go to sleep, throwing in another load of laundry, tackling all the dishes, taking a shower, maybe shaving legs for the first time in 2 months. True story you guys. Sad, but true.

Sleep deprivation becomes a part of you when you are as a mom to littles. And it is SO hard sometimes to be tired all the time. Dry shampoo, makeup (umm…concealer!), coffee (or tea for me), leggings, yoga pants, and quesadilla dinners make it all more doable. If you’re a mom to littles who doesn’t own a pair of leggings, GIRL. Go. Get. Some. Comfiest thing I’ve ever worn in my life! And also whoever invented dishwashers, washers, dryers, and crock pots deserves a trillion dollars and maybe their own vacation island or lake house.

But those late night snuggles. Priceless. The late night talks with your toddler. Unforgettable. The beautiful nursing session with your baby. Heart-warming. Your screaming baby? Not going to say that you’ll miss that stage, but you might miss the sight of your beautiful baby sleeping (finally!) as they grow.

Because those kiddos need you. They need you in a way that no one else ever will. And they need you in a way that they never will again. When that sweet child is 10, he or she will still need you. But not in the same way. Not in a clingy, nursing baby kind of way. Or in a read me one more book kind of way. Or even in a late night kind of way.

Because those late nights as a mama. Rough. But those priceless, unforgettable, heart-warming moments? Soul changing.

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