Bedtime Routine

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Our bedtime routine for Lilly has recently changed and I’m absolutely in love with it. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. Hands down. I quit nursing her about a month and a half ago. Yeah, I was one of those nursing my 2 year old moms. Don’t judge me! But because we stopped nursing, I knew we’d have to establish a new bedtime routine. And so we did.


Of course we do jammies, brush teeth, and she’s in bed between 8-9. We’re pretty relaxed parents as far as exact time goes. But we’ve been reading this fun toddlers’ Bible and Lilly LOVES it. She asks for more almost every single night. “More story. Please have more.” My. Heart. My sweet, precious girl. So encouraging for this mama’s heart to hear her craving more stories from the Bible. We’re on the very last story but I’m sure she won’t mind if we start it all over again. 😉


And my favorite (seriously, my fave!) part of the day is Lilly’s bedtime. I rock with her and we talk about the day. It is such a sweet moment of the day! She tells me random stories that her 2 year old mind makes up like, “Purple puppy hit me and was sad because hit me. Say sorry and it’s okay. It’s fine.” Haha! So cute! And then there are times when she says something like, “I eat yummies and drink sippy and mommy and daddy and mommy.”  I love telling her some encouraging and uplifting things at the end of the day. My current favorites are these:

I love you.
Our home is a safe place.
You’re beautiful.
You’re sweet, brave, and strong.
I’m so glad God made me your mama.

What’s your routine look like?

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