My Hair Care


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Oh. My. Gosh. You guys, I have to tell you about my new hair care routine.

I used to use whatever shampoo or conditioner. No specific brand, price, scent. Just whatever. Sometimes I didn’t even use conditioner. Or even shampoo! I’d use soap sometimes. Yikes! Some of you hair girls are cringing right now. Using soap?! Not using conditioner?! What is wrong with you lady?! I know, I know. Both of those are bad.

So I finally decided to give my hair some TLC and buy some organic shampoo and conditioner this past Christmas.


First of all, better ingredients that I know are WAY better for my hair. This shampoo makes my hair feel so clean without any weird ingredients in it. And no scent. Sure, wildflower blossom or orange citrus are nice scents. But if it means weird ingredients, then no thanks!


Second, my hair is SO soft thanks to this amazing conditioner! It’s thick, buttery, and moisturizing. Soft hair and less dead ends mean my hair is getting the moisture it needs and deserves. It’s called a deep conditioning treatment for a reason!


Third, this wooden comb is not only pretty but also has thick spines to handle hair. I’m aware it says “Rocky Mountain Barber Co.” and that is is directed towards men. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. But men’s stuff seems to last longer than women’s, don’t you agree?! Plus I love wooden combs!

Am I all super crunchy in this post right now? With my organic shampoo, conditioner, and wooden comb? Why yes. Yes, I am. But you better believe it is SO worth it.

What’s your hair care look like?

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2 thoughts on “My Hair Care

    1. Thanks Lauryn! Yeah, I had quite a bit of breakage back in those soap days. Haha! I’m so glad I’m not doing THAT anymore. My ends were so pokey because they were so dry. Like little knives. Super pumped about my new routine!

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