If we were having coffee…


If we were having coffee…

We would talk about this mom gig. I had a moment where I accepted that this mom thing is a calling. We sometimes view the early stages of motherhood as a phase. Because really those early stages are SO hard and draining, which makes it easier to view as a stage.

Those kiddos need you. Literally. They can’t make a lunch without you or limit how much chocolate they have. Stomachache anyone? All the cooking, endless laundry, seasonal snotty noses, disaster of toys, never-ending dishes – there’s always a random cup somewhere. It’s so exhausting!

But I was sitting at our dining room table during a “nap” time. Screaming toddler in her crib, dishes piled high, everyone on their last clean pair of undies, day 2 of cheese quesadillas because, well, dishes. And I started crying. “I can’t do this! It’s so hard!” I thought. After crying for a few minutes, I pulled myself together. “Being a mom lasts for the rest of my life. How am I going to get through it without having broken dreams left behind?” Which, to be honest, I have quite a few. And then I prayed. Prayer is a powerful tool. After praying for a bit, I realized that this mom thing is a calling. It’s not a phase. Our kids have phases – infant, toddler, kiddo, teen, young adult, mid-life adult, elder. We have phases too – first time mom, newborn mom, toddler mom, second time mom, mom of teens, empty nest. But they will always be our kids. And we will always be their mamas.

It’s not meant to be a phase. It’s not a “if I can just get through this tantrum” or “how much longer until bedtime?” Those are phases, situations, things that just don’t last forever. It’s “how can I handle this tantrum to grow myself and my toddler?” and “I am going to switch gears because my kids and I are driving each other crazy – snack time.” It’s a calling, this mom gig. And callings last for the rest of our lives. They have a purpose, a place, a meaning. They look differently at different times, but they are performed with great love and compassion.

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