Travel Favorites


We traveled this weekend and are hanging out with some family. It’s good to hang out with family. And also get laundry done. Because, you know, #apartmentlife with no washer or dryer.


But something interesting about us – we only travel at night. Yep, only night drives for us. Why you ask? We used to do day drives before we had Lilly. But after I had her I tried to do a 5 hour day drive with a nursing baby. That 5 hour trip turned into a 7 hour trip. Which made for one tired and crabby mama.

In order to get through those night drives, I need a few of my travel faves while our precious toddler sleeps in the back.


Okay, so Anthony thinks this is weird. But when we’re going on a night drive and I need to stay awake to drive, I buy gum. Not just any gum, but 2 kinds – Juicy Fruit and Red Hot. I alternate between the 2 of them so my taste buds are like, “WHOA!” which helps keep me awake. Weird? Helpful? What do you think?


We try to opt for healthy snacks – apples, bananas, grapes. Things that are easy to throw in a bag to keep up front. And we usually do stick to it. Buuuut, let’s be honest. When it’s midnight and you’re driving, it is totally acceptable to grab some mozzarella sticks from Sonic or curly fries from Arby’s. Or maybe it’s that bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. You too or just me?


Lilly doesn’t need much when we travel at night because she sleeps most of the time. Just a sippy cup, her blanket, and a paci. And that kid is set to go! Also, she is SO tired today because travel messing with our schedule. I may or may not need a spoonful of Nutella at lunch time. Haha!

What are your travel favorites?

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