Friday Favorites


This week has gone by so slow you guys! SO slow that I thought Tuesday was Thursday. I woke up, looked at my planner, and seriously thought that it was Thursday on Tuesday morning. But thankfully today is Friday and also National Chocolate Cake Day! Yes, it totally is a real thing. Ask Google!

1 // Last minute fro-yo family date! So good! Lilly loves gummy bears right now which is what she picked out. I like ice cream more but my hubby LOVES fro-yo. He could probably survive on just fro-yo. I personally just like the candy toppings.


2 // Egg salad is amazing! Some of you probably think I’m crazy and no, I’m not pregnant. But I made some egg salad for sandwiches this week for the first time since summer. Like 3 lbs. of it and this is what’s left. It was a hit! Even Lilly ate it – of course, I put pickles in it which is probably why she wanted it at every meal. Every. Single. One.


3 // Walks are so refreshing! It’s getting warmer but still cold outside so we have to bundle up when we go out. I LOVE this hat that a friend recently gave us. So cute!


4 // So excited to try out this lotion! I really love this local KS/MO company. I have used a few of their products and love them so here I am – super pumped to try their lotion!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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