Tea Time


Most people start the morning off with coffee. Some people like it straight black. Others like to add cream, sugar, milk, etc. to enhance or alter the flavor. I personally am a tea drinker. I enjoy most all teas but my favorite, or at least one that is a classic in my book, is chai tea. I am an adder; I add milk and honey to my chai tea to make it sweeter.


And our daughter has taken after her mama! Haha! Or she just watches me and wants to be just like her mama, which is pretty precious too. I used to get a little annoyed when she would say, “I want some tea!” if I hadn’t finished my tea before she woke up for the day. Mainly because I didn’t want to share my tea. Haha! But I recently got these cute little ceramic blue mugs from a friend. So I make her her own little mug of tea every morning and we have tea time together during/after breakfast. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Look at those 2 little hands holding that mug! She’s got it down!


And here is our favorite breakfast right now. Yep, Chex. Those classic little squares are loved by our little Lilly. Also, mom confession right here, I add a little bit of honey or sugar to it. I don’t know anyone who eats Chex plain. I don’t! So why would my toddler?

But then, sometimes I give my toddler her tea with her breakfast. No big deal. Drink and breakfast. But, well, then this happens.


Serious #momlife right here.

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?

7 thoughts on “Tea Time

      1. I used to have an instant coffee in the morning. Now I might make myself a fancy coffee (on the stove pot thing) on a slow morning or I have one out with a friend! I have 2 friends that I always drink tea with, we can put the worlds to rights over numerous cups of tea and slices of toast!

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