10 Facts About Me



Here are 10 quick fun facts about me! Let’s get to know each other more!

1.) I like cottage cheese and black or green olives together. Mostly black olives. I’m not into fruit with my cottage cheese.

2.) I love dark chocolate.

3.) I’m sort of a crunchy mom. I love all natural and/or organic stuff.

4.) I hate cleaning the house, but love the feeling of having a clean house.

5.) I’m NOT a morning person at all. Haha! But I’d like to be.

6.)Β I love vintage stuff that still works. I have an old radio that my dad won in the 60s that plays K-LOVE every morning.

7.) I like sweet wines – sangria, moscato, riesling.

8.) I used to think stuffing was disgusting because it made me throw up once as a kid. So I basically didn’t eat it for, hmm….I don’t know – like 10+ years.

9.) I like shopping at Goodwill when I’m in big cities to see what cool stuff I can find.

10.) I lived in Germany for 3 years as a child.

What are some fun facts about you?

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